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Torque settings

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1Torque settings Empty Torque settings am Sa 08 Jan 2011, 17:59



Am new to the Rockster but not BMW's. Have had previously GS1150 and K100 in the past. So far am hugely impressed with Rockster handling and looks.
The bike I purchased is a 2004 model with approx 1000km (not a misprint). This bike sat unused in the previous owners garage for 6 years (??).
There is some minor corrosion on some of the bolts. I am in the process of replacing these with stainless bolts.
Would anyone know where I could get a list of the torque settings for every bolt on the bike as my Haynes manual doesnt seem to have this.


2Torque settings Empty Re: Torque settings am Sa 08 Jan 2011, 18:54


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this is the thing that you need ;-)

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behind every article is the kind of screw named.

greets robert

3Torque settings Empty Re: Torque settings am Di 11 Jan 2011, 09:13


Thanks for your help,

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